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Wind Power

Wind PowerWind power involves converting wind energy into electricity by using wind turbines, also called wind chargers. Wind power is converted into electricity by magnets moving past stationary coils of wire known as the stator. As the magnets pass the stator, AC electricity is produced. It is then converted into DC electricity which can be used to charge batteries which store the electrical energy or can also be fed into a grid interactive inverter for feeding power into the electricity grid. Modern wind turbines fall into two basic groups; the horizontal-axis variety, like the traditional farm windmills used for pumping water, and the vertical-axis design, like the eggbeater-style Darrieus model. Most large modern wind turbines are horizontal-axis turbines.

Ampair Wind Power
Rutland Wind Turbines
Superwind Wind Power

Prior to planning a wind installation you should study meteorological information pertaining to your area. In Australia this is available from the Bureau of Meteorology.
The average wind speed needs to be above 5m/s (18km per hour) to make installing a wind turbine worthwhile.

Your wind installation site should be:

• free from obstructions in the direction of the prevailing wind
• as elevated as possible
• safe from spectator contact
• in an area that receives wind often enough for benefit to the power system

Ideal locations for wind turbines are in the country, on farms, or on the coast, basically anywhere away from built-up areas. For a marine situation wind power can be particularly well-suited. Wind generators fitted to yachts or other marine craft generally are in uninterrupted air flow and generate good amounts of electricity from a compact glass free source.

Many people in regional Australia are looking at various ways to generate electricity from sources other than the generator. The wind is one of the most evident sources of natural energy.


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Wind Power
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