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Rutland Wind Turbines

The Rutland 913 is one of the most highly regarded small wind turbines in the world. The Rutland 913 is the wind charger of choice in marine environments. The Rutland 913 has been specially designed for boating applications with its small compact design and quality appointments, which makes this a very tough and rugged machine.

Rutland Wind TurbinesRutland 913 Wind charger

Rutland Wind generatorThe Rutland 913 is designed specifically for marine use on coastal and ocean going yachts but is equally at home on your home or campervan. The Rutland 913 Wind charger’s generating capacity is best suited to sail boats over 10m in length and inland boats. Its generous charging capacity in proportion to its compact turning radius makes it ideal especially where 2 battery banks are kept on board. Whether live boards or weekend sailors it can be conveniently mounted at a height out of reaching distance and in a clear flow of wind. Modern, durable materials for reliability on the high seas accompany the very high manufacturing standards.

Rutland 913 200W wind turbine

Price: $ 1,500.00


Low wind speed start up of just 5 knots
· Generates 90w @ 19 knots, 24w @ 10 knots
· Delivers up to 250w
· Weighs 10.5kg
· One way only fit fine profile efficient aerofoil blades
· Three phase Rutland "unique" generator design
· Automatic thermostat protection in prolonged gales
· Modern, durable materials for reliability at sea.
· No radiated interference - complies with EEC directive 89/336/EEC


Note: An external rectifier/regulator is required and is not included with this item. Please see price below.

Standard regulator for WG913 12/24V

Price: $245.00


Multi-stage charge control delivers appropriate charge levels required to ensure your batteries get the maximum power they are able to retain and remain float charged.

• Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) regulation is now more finely controlled using the latest programmable microcontrollers
The HRSi monitors battery voltage and uses PWM to prevent overcharge.
As peak voltages are reached the HRSi tapers the current from the wind & solar chargers gradually reducing charge to float stage level.
This feature gradually reduces the speed of the turbine to an eventual “idle” thus extending the working life of the windcharger.

Prior to planning a wind installation you should study meteorological information pertaining to your area. In Australia this is available from the Bureau of Meteorology.
The average wind speed needs to be above 5m/s (18km per hour) to make installing a wind turbine worthwhile.

Your wind installation site should be:

• free from obstructions in the direction of the prevailing wind
• as elevated as possible
• safe from spectator contact
• in an area that receives wind often enough for benefit to the power system

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Prices include freight to nearest regional centre in Qld.
Freight cost to outlying areas is extra.
All prices are in Australian Dollars inclusive 10% GST.
All prices are subject to change and should be confirmed before ordering.

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Rutland Wind Turbines
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