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Grid Inverters

Grid inverters - also called grid tie inverters, grid connect inverters, grid feed inverters and grid interactive inverters, are used in solar energy systems that are integrated with the grid. Like all inverters, they convert DC power to AC.
The Grid Feed Inverter takes the solar electricity collected by your solar panel array and applies it to the distribution panel in your home. The power may then be used by loads within your home or it may flow out to the utility grid. When there is no solar energy available (eg. at night, or during cloudy periods) the utility seamlessly provides power to supply the loads in your home. The inverter has to be matched with the wattage output of your solar panels. Grid feed inverters are also designed to be used with net metering. This process (if available in your area) allows you to sell energy to your local energy supplier to alleviate your energy costs.They do not use a battery bank and therefore they do not give you any power back up in the event of a grid power failure.

Grid Interactive or Grid Tie Inverters perform the same function as grid feed inverters, however they allow power to flow 'both ways'. They also incorporate a battery bank and have an automatic built in charger. This type of system gives you back up power in the event that the grid fails or goes out of tolerance in terms of its voltage and frequency.

If you are connected to normal utility company power and just want to add some solar electricity to reduce your electric bill, it is possible that a Grid Connect Power Inverter will suit your needs. With a Grid Connect Power Inverter, whatever electricity that your solar panels produce will reduce the amount supplied by the utility company, in effect lowering your bill. And, if you are producing more power than you are using, you can actually sell the extra power back to the utility company!


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