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Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure sine wave inverters - also called true sine wave produce the closest to a pure sine wave of all the power inverters and in many cases produces cleaner power than the utility company itself. With its "perfect" sine wave output, the power produced by the inverter fully assures that your sensitive loads will be correctly powered, with no interference. Pure sine wave inverters will run practically any type of AC equipment and are a must for sensitive electrical or electronic items such as medical equipment, digital music amplifiers, higher end televisions and laser printers.
Power inverters
convert 12V DC power from your renewable energy source into 240V AC power that is needed for running appliances, such as hair dryers, televisions and more.
Power inverters are an ideal source of portable mains power. Being compact and portable, power inverters can be used in cars, caravans, boats, 4WDs and trucks. Using a power inverter for household appliances is a much cheaper option than purchasing specialized 12V appliances for those times when mains power is not available. Compared to generators, power inverters are a greener and cheaper long term option.
A pure sine wave inverter is not only critical for the correct functioning of high end electronic equipment, it will also ensure that all your appliances run more smoothly, producing less heat and noise.

• Mains power wherever you are
• Prevents crashes in computers, corrupt printouts and monitor flicker
• Pure sine wave output with lower harmonic distortion
• High efficiency, allowing you to run more devices and for longer
• Suitable for power tools and delicate electronic equipment

Being able to correctly choose the right size inverter for your need is an important consideration. To determine the power requirement to run your appliances use this calculation:
Volts x Amps = Watts
An example of this would be a small microwave that according to the back panel could draw 5.5 amps to operate effectively would require an inverter of at least 1320 watts (240 x 5.5 = 1320).

iSustain Australia offers a wide range of inverters to meet your specific application. When choosing an inverter you should consider the following:

1. The total wattage of connected devices should not exceed the model's continuous wattage rating.
2. The number of connected items of equipment to determine how many outlets are required.
3. The application to help you choose the proper type of inverter or inverter/charger.


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Pure Sine Wave Inverters
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