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Inverter Chargers

Inverter Chargers are devices that convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), and power a variety of equipment, including power tools, computers, appliances, and more.
Inverter chargers combine an inverter and a battery charger in one complete unit. They can be used with a solar PV array or wind turbine power system or when another there is another AC power source available, such as a diesel generator or utility power. They can operate as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). These intelligent devices can behave either as an inverter or a charger and can switch between one and other as required. Inverter chargers can be connected to the electricity grid, but they are not grid tied inverters.

Inverter Chargers provide reliable alternate AC power during utility power problems, such as blackouts, brownouts, over voltages and surges. When utility power is present, Inverter Chargers automatically pass through power to your equipment while simultaneously recharging your connected batteries. When utility power is absent, such as during a blackout in stationary applications or while driving in mobile applications, Inverter Chargers automatically switch from utility power to battery backup power.
All inverter chargers also include a built in transfer switch, which will automatically switch to inverter power as soon as the AC supply is no longer present.

Inverter Chargers are increasingly popular due to the simple installation and reduced cost compared to separate units.



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Inverter Chargers
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