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Battery Chargers

iSustain Australia sells a range of 12V, 24V and 48V battery chargers designed for remote power, commercial, marine, rural, military, communications, mobile and mining applications worldwide. They are suitable for all battery types including flooded, gel and agm deep cycle batteries.


Battery Charger Information

Battery chargers come in many different sizes and brands and vary a great deal in intelligence. However, there are three major types – One-stage, two-stage and three-stage chargers.
A three-stage battery charger is preferred for idle or “unloaded” batteries during recharging.
Without loads during charging, the three-stage charger provides a more complete recharge. It charges the battery at a constant current until the battery voltage reaches a slightly elevated level. The battery is maintained at this voltage while the charging current diminishes to a low value, and then the battery is switched to the float voltage where it can be maintained indefinitely.

A two-stage battery charger is preferred for “loaded” batteries because its circuits cannot be “fooled” into pushing a higher “absorption" voltage than required for charging. A two-stage charger provides a constant current until the battery reaches its rated capacity and then switches to a “float” voltage. The current then reduces as necessary to maintain the battery at the float voltage. The charger can be connected to the battery indefinitely.

The ordinary one-stage charger you buy from the local auto-parts store is inexpensive, but it charges slowly and cannot completely re-charge a battery to its rated capacity. One-stage chargers can easily damage the battery by warping its plates or boiling it dry, effectively destroying it. iSustain Australia does not sell these battery chargers.

It is recommend to charge batteries at about 10% of their amp hour capacity. For example, an 80Ah deep cycle battery should be changed at a rate of about 8A.
SLA, AGM and Gel batteries are traditionally charged at a lower voltage than Flooded Lead acid batteries.
Multi-stage chargers are recommended because they adjust current and voltage according to the battery's requirements.
Multistage charging ensures batteries receive optimum charging, but with minimal wear and tear, regulating the voltage and current delivered to the batteries in three automatic stages -

Bulk, Absorption, and Float:

1. Bulk - Replaces 70-80% of the battery’s state of charge at the fastest possible rate.
2. Absorption - Replenishes the remaining 20-30% of charge, bringing the battery to a full charge at a slow, safe rate.
3. Float - Voltage is reduced and held constant in order to prevent damage and keep batteries at a full charge.

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Battery Chargers
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