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Grid Connect Solar Power Systems

Solar Power The Government has recently announced changes to the Solar Credits multiplier, bringing it down to a four by multiplier on any systems not installed by 1 July 2011. This will see a rebate reduction of up to $1,200.00 on systems not installed by then. You can save thousands of dollars on off grid and grid connect wind and solar power installations if you qualify for one of the Australian Government's renewable energy rebates. Consumers and businesses alike are now eligible under the Solar Credits scheme.


A Grid Connected Solar Power System is a solar system designed for homes and small commercial buildings which are connected to the electricity network (grid). It provides a way for you to produce your own power for your own consumption and thereby reduce your electricity bill. A solar powered grid connect system generates 100% clean electricity via solar panels located on your roof, which can be consumed in the household or fed back into the mains electricity grid.


Grid Connect SolarWhenever the sun shines, the solar cells generate electricity. The grid connect inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into 240V AC electricity. The AC electricity is then used to power appliances that are in operation during the day, such as dishwashers, washing machines, computers and other electrical equipment.

If you are using less power than your system is generating, the excess is passed through a meter (which records the amount as a credit) and fed into the electricity grid for others to use. If you are using more power than your system can supply, you draw power from the grid as normal.







Solar Panels
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Factors to consider in choosing the size of your grid connect system are:-

• How much power do you use?
• How much are you prepared to spend?
• How much space do you have on your roof, carport or shed nearby?
• If you cannot afford to purchase the full size system that you would ultimately prefer we can install a larger inverter to allow extra panels to be installed at a later date.

Grid connect kit prices

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices effective April, 2011. Installation cost is based on a single storey, north facing tin roof house in Far North QLD. Tiled roof, extra storeys & distance may be subject to additional costs. Please request a formal quote as required. Prices include freight and GST.



A renewable energy certificate (REC) is a commodity in the REC market. RECs are created by eligible parties and sold to liable parties via the REC Registry to meet their liability under the RET.
You are entitled to create them when purchasing solar panels, wind turbines, solar hot water services and hydro. The Australian government has launched The Solar Credits program which is based on the Renewable Energy Certificate system, but with a certificate multiplier incentive offering up to 5x the usual number of RECs issued for solar power systems up to 1.5kW.


After installing your system, you have essentially price-fixed a major part of your energy consumption for at least 25 years. Regardless of price increases from your power authority, your solar power will continue to be free year after year.
When you install a 1500 watt grid feed solar system you will generate enough power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3.5 tonnes a year - every year for at least 25 years. That's nearly 100 tonnes less greenhouse gas during the life of your system.
Calculate your estimated annual cost savings by using the price per unit (kW/hr) on your last electricity bill and multiplying it by the Avg yearly output of each size system.



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Grid Connect Solar Power Systems
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